(Part 2) Top things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

1. Geragama Tea Estate and Factory

Geragama Tea factory

Sri Lanka is known as one of the world most important tea producers with numerous extensive tea plantations. Kandy is home to many tea fields and factories; one of the remarkable one is the Geragama. Geragama tea plantation is located just outside the city and provides visitors an insight into the delicious tea refinery. The plantation is located at an altitude of about 613 meters above sea level; from here, you can observe how the plant is grown and harvested. Next, visitors will visit the factory that was built in 1903 and explore the whole processing and producing procedure of different types of teas. Moreover, you can have a chance to taste the country’s most popular tea. Discovering the Geragama Tea Estate and Factory is definitely an interesting thing to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

2. International Buddhist Museum 

International Buddhist Museum

Known as the world’s first Buddhist museum, the International Buddhist Museum is located next to the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic. This is the only museum that exhibit the expansion of Buddhism all around the world. There are 17 nations contributed to the establishment of the museum, and it demonstrates individual Buddhism exhibitions on each of those countries. Visitors can acknowledge the development of the religion and the different systems that followed the practice of Buddhism in the respective countries. The ticket to Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic allows free entry to the International Buddhist Museum, one of the unique places in Kandy that you shoud visit.

3. Kandy Garrison Cemetery

Kandy Garrison Cemetery

Located just behind the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy Garrison Cemetery is a cemetery for British nationals who died on the early 19th century. The cemetery was established in 1817 and contains 195 graves of man, women and children who are the victims of war and tropical diseases such as malaria and cholera. The cemetery is currently preserved by volunteers and financial contributions of UK Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Kandy Garrison Cemetery will give you a glimpse of the colonial history and it is a free and attractive place to visit in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  

4. Kandyan Dance and Drum show

Kandyan Dance show

Watching a Kandyan traditional dance and drum show is definitely a popular touristic thing to do in Kandy. According to the legend, the original dance of Kandy came from an exorcism ritual that was performed by Indian magicians and called Kohomba Kankariya; after that, the locals adopted the dance. The dance show is intense and energetic with performers wearing colorful traditional costumes. The dance often takes around one- hour length and there are three venues for you to watch:  Kandyan Art Association and Cultural Centre, Kandy Lake Club, Mahanuwara YMBA venues. Even though the shows are often crowded but it is interesting to watch the traditional dance of Kandy.  

5. Kandy Market Hall

Kandy Market Hall

The best way to understand the local life of Kandy is exploring the local market. Kandy Market Hall is a small but bustling market that located near the clock tower in the central of the city. This market is famous for Sri Lanka’s well known spices and herbs, however, you can find a wide range of goods from fresh local fruit, vegetables to handicrafts, textiles and souvenirs. People are very friendly and English is widely spoken, if you are a visitor, you will have a fun time chatting and haggling with vendors. Most of the goods start at a very high price so remember to bargain smartly to afford the items at a reasonable price. The market also offers you opportunities to take good and unique photos. Take a walk around Kandy Market Hall is no doubt to be an exciting thing to do in the Kandy city. 

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